From Renowned Bar Trainer And Restaurant Consultant Dave "TheRealBarman" Allred
 "An Online Bar Business Course Unlike Any Other You've Ever Seen!"
Owner/CEO Bar Patrol
Dave Allred
From Martinez, CA
Welcome to the Bar Inventory
 Master Course!
Become Your Own Boss...
Start Your Own Lucrative Liquor Auditor Business on the Side and Grow 
it to a Full-Blown 6-Figure Business Within Just a Few Months
Me and my beloved 
Bluetooth Scale.
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What is the Master Course Exactly?
The Master Course is a 7-step digital course that walks you through exactly how to start your own inventory auditor business, how to use the Bar Patrol software, how to land your clients and how to go the extra mile to offer them so much value that you retain them for years. 
So I don't waste your time, let's talk about who this course is NOT for...
  • Anyone who wants me to do all the work for them.
  • Anyone with a crappy attitude (my life is too short to try and save pessimistic people).
  • Anyone who makes a lot of excuses and whines that life isn't fair (I used to do this and it gets you nowhere)
  • Anyone not ready to change their life just yet
  • Anyone who is a "toe-dipper" and just wants to test the waters to see what it's like.
  • Anyone who does not have a good attention to detail (this job is about counting, and if you don't count correctly, you're worthless to your clients).
If you're able to rule all those things out, then you'll want to move forward...

Meet Daniel Thomas
From San Diego, CA:
"I want to thank you Dave for saving my life. I had been looking for something different for a long time when you came along. Only 5 months after signing up, I had 7 bars making over $80,000 and I was able to quit my job as a bar manager at night. 

I love it! I'm now looking to add 2 or 3 more bars to maximize my income. Thanks again, you're the best."

Who Should Sign-Up For the Master Course?
The Master Course was developed for people who like the bar/restaurant industry but want to move into a more "normal" job, but without the 9 - 5 lifestyle or sitting trapped at a desk. The course is my proven, step-by-step program which empowers you to help bars SAVE a truckload of cash so you can EARN a truckload of cash helping bars succeed, while working a lot fewer hours.

As soon as you enroll, you will get immediate access to all of The Master Course in its entirety, including:
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the course + login 24/7 from anywhere (it's all digital)
  • ​Lifetime updates to the course 
  • ​All the lessons, all the videos, all the knowledge
  • ​Self-paced so you can go as fast or slow as you want
  • ​Access to all of the FREE bonuses (see bonuses below)
  • ​Access to the free 30-day support bonus
  • ​I literally hold your hand every step of the way, nothing is left to chance
Normal Everyday Price $497
Some of My Favorite Clients
Me & Mike Chillin' at the Fieldhouse
"Dave knows more about the bar business than anyone I've ever met. He came in and trained my bartenders, hired me two new ones who have been rock stars, and he reduced my costs, all in about a span of 7 days. I'm seriously amazed at what he can do in a bar." 

-Mike Banducci.
Owner of Fieldhouse
Blackhawk, CA
“Working with Dave and Bar Patrol has been a real eye-opener for our establishments and invaluable to our operation's success. His keen insight into what was occurring behind the bar has had a significant impact to our margins, our pour practices and the way we train and educate our bar staff. We are very fortunate to have brought him on board."
Chis Gravel
Operating Partner
P.F. Chang's China Bistro
Me and Hank Sipping On 
Beers at His Bowling Alley
“I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are to have found Dave. We were losing a ton of money in our bar and he came in and set us up with a system that stopped the bleeding almost immediately. Without it, I don’t know how much longer we would have stayed in business. If you own a bar, I highly recommend hiring Dave. He will come in and literally pump money back into your business.”
Hank Simmons
North Beach Lanes
Me and Angela hanging out at her prohibition-style gangster bar that has a few holes in the pillars that may or may not have bullets from Al Capone's Tommy-gun.
“Dave is simply awesome! When he came in, my bartenders were pouring at 40% variance. Unbelievable! And I had no idea. Since then, my variance is down to 5% and my profits have gone through the roof.”
Angela Warren
The Wise Girl
Pleasant Hill, CA
“What Dave did for our restaurant is nothing short of remarkable. Outback already has a pretty tight system in place, and he came in a lowered our variance another 15 points, not to mention he added other systems in place that we were overlooking. I consider Dave a friend and feel grateful for what he did for our establishments.”
Nick De Los Santos,
Outback Steakhouse
That's All Well And Good Dave, 
But Will The Master Course Work For Me?
Great question, and let me say this:

I cannot do this business for you...

All I can do is provide you with the formula that has lead me and my students to a place of fulfillment in our lives that didn't seem possible at one point...

In fact, here are some of my former students who at one time asked the exact same question: "Will the Master Course work for me?"
“I was super interested in this business and actually almost invested in the Sculpture (Bevinco) franchise before I stumbled across Dave's blog and started researching. After having a conversation with him, I decided to invest in his program instead of $50,000 in the franchise. Best decision I ever made. I now run a full-time consulting business making over $100,000 per year and bar owners thank me every week for what I do for them. It's awesome! "
James Roberts Chicago, IL
"First off, I have to admit that I thought I was throwing my money away when I joined.  I was extremely skeptical (sorry Dave). But once I got into the course, I could see the light. My biggest worry was finding new clients, but Dave provides all of his scripts that he uses, and I literally memorized them almost verbatim (sorry again Dave). I couldn't believe how effective they were and how confident they made me. Dave also teaches how to control the conversations (frame control, he calls it) which puts you in the position as the expert. I can't possible include everything that's in the course here, but just know that it changed my life. I still manage a bar, but I have 5 clients and as soon as I get 2 more I'm quitting. Thanks Dave. You're the best! "
Phillip Wilson
Austin, TX
"Dave, here are my results since joining the Master Course 6 months ago, and I'd like to stress that I was just a bartender at the time. I had never even managed a bar, but the course educated me on everything I needed to know to run a successful bar. Within 2 months I had 3 new clients. Within 4 months I had 5. Now after 6 months I have a total of 9 clients and I'm averaging $962 per clients for a total of $8,658 per month! All I have to say is OMG! I am no longer a bartender and I have my weekends off to do whatever I want. You are literally my hero Dave. I'm not kidding. Thank you from the bottom of my soul. "
Tracy Garrett
Miami, FL
            Think About It...

How long have you been in the bar/restaurant biz?

How much longer do you think you can do it while trying to chase that "normal" life?

How much do you get paid for the hours you work?

On a scale from 1 - 10, how happy are you with your career?

Set-Up Your Business
I will show you every step you need to set-up your new consulting business from 
the name to your bank account to the accounting software you should use.
Learn the Software
Use Bar Patrol's cutting-edge app and online dashboard to quickly count inventories and then analyze the numbers to show the owners.
Sign-Up New Clients
As a bonus, I provide my exact scripts I use to land meetings with prospective owners and managers and then I show you how to 
close the deal to land the contract. 
Now Let's Talk About Who This Course Is For?
  • Anyone who is in the bar/restaurant industry who wants to use their knowledge & experience to create a better life
  • Anyone who wants to make some extra cash and build a side-gig part-time.
  • Anyone who has ever wanted to own their own business and be their own boss
  • Anyone who has the discipline to make their own hours and has the dedication and perseverance to succeed no matter what
  • Anyone who loves working with people and wants to provide world class service to their clients
  • Anyone who is not in the industry but wants to make a change in their life 
At this point, I bet you have some questions...
    Time For A Little Q & A
    What I know is this: I have actually met a few Sculpture Hospitality reps and there were some things that they weren’t even aware of that were essential things in running this business.

    In fact, I took over three account from Sculpture reps because their clients were not happy with their services and I went on to service those clients for four years until I finally transferred them into using the app themselves.

    I’m not saying Sculpture is teaching them wrong, I’m just saying that I started from scratch. I was in the trenches figuring things out on my own. I put skin in the game and spent $100,000 on my own software. In other words, I didn't just learn this business from someone, I built it from the ground up.
    Hmmm....good question. How about 25 years in the industry as a bartender and bar manager, as well as the past 7 years running Bar Patrol as a consultant helping dozens of bars here in the Bay Area (including multiple P.F. Chang's and Outback Steakhouse restaurants) systemize their business and increase their profits by thousands per month? In that time, I have taken more than 3,000 inventories and saved my clients millions of dollars collectively. Fair enough?
    Absolutely not. And I wouldn't ask you to do that. When I started there was no way I could quit my job. We all have financial and family obligations. That's what's great about this business. You can easily build your clients one at a time while still working your other job to make money. 
    One of the greatest things about this business is that there is almost zero overhead. Your expenses in the beginning will be whatever it costs to set-up your business name/license, business cards, website, etc. After that, your only expenses are gas and parking and a small fee for using the Bar Patrol software, which I only use to pay for the servers and software updates.
    How about as long as you're alive? Sound good? Perfect.
    Upon joining the Master Course I provide free email consultation for 30 days, which means I will personally answer any of your questions and support you in getting your business up and running strong. 
    My consulting fee for helping people normally is $250 per hour, but you get me for free for 30 days to help guide you along. That alone is worth joining the course.
    Without a doubt, this business in not restricted by gender or any other specific conditions.

    This will certainly will depend on where you live, but it will also relate to the cost of living in your area. I charged anywhere from $800 - $1,400 per month per bar depending on the size of the inventory, but the average bar was $1,000. Multiply that by 8 bars and you're at $96,000. 10 bars = $120,000. It's easy to see how just a few clients can add up to big money quickly. 
    This is obviously the most important part of the business. If you have no clients, you have no money. It took me that first year to figure out exactly what it was that bar owners wanted to hear when walking in to meet with them, and once I did, it was like finding the key to the kingdom.
    The course provides all my sales scripts that will persuade them to sign up for your services.
    Duh! Of course. I guarantee everything I sell. Keep reading.
    Great question. Below is an overview of the Master Course.
    Normal Everyday Price $497
    What's Included in the Master Course?
    *From Module 7, Lesson 6, The Bartender Training.
    • ​Lifetime Access to the Course
    • ​Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
    • ​Downloadable Tools & Checklists
    •  Setting Up Your Business
    •  How to Use the Software
    •  Reports & Calculations
    •  The 8-Step Blueprint Sales System
    The Biggest Risk in Your Life Right Now is Doing Nothing

    The only way to ensure ongoing mediocrity is to keep on doing exactly what you're doing right now...

    Which is exactly what I tell bar owners when it comes to tracking their inventory.

    The longer they do nothing, the longer they ensure mediocrity and eventual failure.

    The next year of your life will go by whether you do nothing or not. What will your life look like one year from now? 5 years from now? 25 years from now?

    Remember, I'm about to give you inside information and an education that does not exist unless you're willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars. 

    These are underground lessons and trainings that are not offered anywhere else. And that's exactly why I created it.
    BONUS #1: The Sales Introduction Script
    I tell you exactly what to say and how to say it so that you make a remarkable first impression and you're able to land that first meeting. 

    The introduction keeps it simple so you don't get overwhelmed and you don't feel like you have to sell your services in the first 20 seconds when you meet them. 

    This puts too much pressure on you, and the owner/manager. Your only job when you first introduce yourself is to set-up a meeting.
    BONUS #2: The 18 Sales Scripts GUARANTEED to Land You Clients
    It took me two years to perfect these sales scripts through hours of studying, seminars, books and the most valuable lesson: trial & error. 

    I have customized these powerful scripts to apply directly to bar owners and managers so that they not only sit up and listen, but they actually sign up and start paying you money.
    BONUS #3: Trigger Words & Phrases
    I can't begin to tell you how powerful and persuasive these trigger words and phrases are and how many clients they landed me.

    And I have to be honest, I can't take full credit. I took most of these dynamic phrases from three masters of persuasion and adapted them to my business. 

    Once implemented, my client rate soared!
    BONUS #4: Bar Profit Maximizers
    These awesome money-saving tips and profit boosters come straight from my book, Bar Profit Maximizers, which shows bar owners how to save money in a variety of areas, but instead of just giving you the book, I'm giving you 12 videos that show you how you can save your clients even more money beyond just inventory management that will wow them beyond your wildest dreams.

    Bar Profit Maximizers will have you providing full-blown bar consultant advice that will help you retain clients for years.
    Are You Ready To Change Your Life?
    Normal Everyday Price $497
    Think about what you've spent $500 on in your life, without a 2nd thought: vacations, clothes, toys. Nothing wrong with that, but the average person (95% of the population) is happy spending money on indulgences that provide instant, yet brief, gratification, yet they won't do what the wealthy 5% club do all the time: Invest in themselves so they can spend money on indulgences whenever they want

    If you can't find few hundred dollars to invest in yourself so you can learn how to make an extra $5,000 - $10,000 per month, then I'm assuming you probably don't really want it that bad and you probably shouldn't do it anyway...

    Not mention, let's put this in perspective: to become a Bar Inventory Auditor, Bevinco and Barmetrix will be happy to provide you with the same education for $50,000 - $60,000.
    The majority of businesses take at least 3 years to show a profit...

    Yet, you can show a profit and pay for this entire course in the first month...

    So, again, if you're whining about having to invest a few dollars per day in yourself and your education to start a business...

    That will literally transform the way you live your life...

    I don't want to hear it.

    I don't mean to be rude, but it's my job to weed out the ones who just want a free ride in life or who want to whine that nothing ever works out for them.

    You need to have some skin in the game or you will not follow through and you will not be successful in the end...

    I just don't want you to look back at your life when you're 80 years old and have any regrets because you were scared to take action.

    After all, taking action and making big moves isn't for everyone.
    Now, if you're intrigued and excited by this opportunity, but you're not quite sure and you're still riding the fence...
    You Don't Even Need to Decide Right Now!
    Take Advantage Of My Iron Clad Triple Guarantee...
    I pride myself on the results and the powerfully effective system I have created and I have no interest in taking anyone's money who isn't happy with the course...

    That's not how I work in my business, and it's not how I work with this course...

    So, here is my 30-Day Iron Clad Triple Guarantee...
    My Iron-Clad 30 DAY Triple Guarantee
    Here's how it works:

    1. If you don't learn EXACTLY what you need to know...

    2. If you don't experience real success and land real clients...

    3. Even if you don't like the way my hair looks in the videos...
    I will gladly give you a full refund. I pride myself on my course 
    because it long as you put in the work and follow 
    my steps. If you don't, then you'll end up right where you are now.

    I challenge you to ask any of the liquor auditor franchise 
    businesses out there to offer you the same guarantee.

    Because I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Master Course can help you land clients and build a huge income so you can choose to do whatever you want in your life. And I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is by offering you such a confident guarantee.

    So the only question now is...

    Will you do the Smart thing and do something Big with your life..

    Thanks for being here, I hope it was worth your time...

    If you have more questions that I did not answer on this page, feel free to email us at:
    The Bar Auditor Master Course 
    Massive Action Offer Investment
    One time payment
    SAVE 40%
    • One-time payment
    • Instant Full Access to the Entire Course on Day 1
    • Lifetime Membership Access
    • Step-by-Step Blueprint That Literally Guides You From Setting Up Your Business to the Day You Cash Your First Client's $1,000 check.
    • 7 Modules With Written Instruction, Forms and Videos
    • Bonus: Sales Scripts Secrets: From Prospecting to the Presentation to the First Week of Inventory. What to Say and How to Say it.
    • Bonus: Trigger Words & Phrases
    • Bonus: 60 Days of Free Email Consultation
    • Unlimited Updates
    "Entrepreneurship: Living a few years of your life like most people won't, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't."
    Start Living Your Life Right Now!
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