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Consistently Systemizing Your Daily, Weekly and Monthly Finances For Your Bar & Restaurant
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The Most Savvy Decision You'll Ever 
Make About Your Business
Hey, Dave here. Let's cut right to it...

This is the most important page on the website. Please read this entire page, because I'm going to give you the secret to systemizing right up front...

This is the first course in the 6-course series, Systemize Your Bar/Restaurant, and we start with finances because it is arguably the most important step. 

After all, no money, no bling bling.

But before talking about finances specifically, let's talk about why systemizing your entire business will be the smartest decision you'll ever make.

After you read this, I want you to take a moment to really think about what it means to systemize...

Because this is the crucial difference between what mega-successful companies do and what everyone else does, and it's why my clients make more net profit than most of the corporate giants.​

It will work for you too - absolutely guaranteed.

All you have to do is make sure to execute the steps and systems on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

If not, if you just keep doing your own thing, you're going to wind up with the exact same mediocre results you've been getting.

I guarantee that as well...

Ok, here goes...let's get to that secret and why you're here... 

The success of your bar/restaurant is not dependent upon the theme or the food or the drinks or even the people who work there.

That might surprise you, but bars/restaurants aren't struggling because of what they sell or who sells it...

They're struggling because of how they sell it.

This is where most bar/restaurant owners and managers get it wrong.

And the actual product you're selling? It isn't mojitos and rib-eyes, my friend. 

The product you should be selling is the business itself.

That's right: the business is the product. 


In other words, when you create systems (rules, standards, guidelines) that clearly define how the people and the food and the culture should operate on an hourly, daily, weekly basis, then you are creating a business whose results are dependent upon systems rather than people.

People are important, but left to their own devices, they will act in their own self-interest, which is out of alignment with the mission of the business.

Systems, or "the way we do things" is the only way for your people to bring the business to life in the most consistent way possible.

Seriously, stop and think about that for a second... 

Systemized, precision businesses--with well-defined and predictable standards of operation--are the most successful businesses in the world today.

It's profound, right?

Because you do know that 8 out 10 bar/restaurants fail in the first 18 months, right?

And even when they don't fail, they trudge along, struggling, the epitome of mediocrity.

Imagine having a system in place that 100% replaces your current chaos with order.

Imagine having a business with results that are 100% dependent upon systems rather than who you hire or what's on the menu.

Nobody does this. 

At least most people in our industry don't, and those who do are a rare breed.

Think about it: people don't go to Starbuck's on Main Street to see Becky and get a decent cup of coffee. 

They go to Starbuck's because it's familiar and they can get the same experience walking into any Starbuck's in the world. Over and over again.

They know what they're going to get every single time, and that might seem mundane and boring, but people are creatures of habit. They seek familiarity and comfort.

So give them what they want. Every single time.

All this is to say, you (and other owners/managers) are not failing at running a successful bar/restaurant.

The systems you have in place are failing. 

Or more accurately, the lack of systems you have in place are causing disorientation and disarray that has everyone stumbling around in a fog. 

The secret then (I know you've been waiting patiently) is creating a system that runs the business, and then training your staff to run the system.

Ahhh-haaa! Make sense?

It's not rocket science or some sort of Hogwarts wizardry.

It's simply putting systems in place that produce predictable and consistent results based on the discipline and standards that have been set.

This is how important systemizing is.

And there is a reason finance is the first course: no cash means no electricity, no food, no drinks, no jobs. No doors staying open. 

In order to systemize your entire business, we need to start with the very thing that runs the world first.

And one of the first things we are going to do, besides track where your money is going, is define where it's being wasted and then how to fix it.

All in an easily-defined and executed, systemized manner.

Now, one more thing you need to understand and then we'll move on to what exactly the Systemize Your Finances course gives you...

Here's a truth you may not want to hear: the bar/restaurant you currently run is a direct reflection of you. In fact, your entire life is a reflection of you. That's how it works.

If you're disorganized, your life/business will be disorganized. If you're disinterested and distant, your life/business will be uninteresting and shallow.

Systemizing gives you the ability to run your business in a way that will allow you the time and freedom to do more of what you love.

In other words, to become a great bar/restaurant (and I mean a kick-ass packed bar/restaurant) you have to act like a kick-ass business long before your vision is discovered. 

And that means now! Start systemizing your vision now.

And it all starts with your money.

I hope that all makes sense, because the success of your business depends on it.

Now let's move on to the sales-y stuff and what you get when you climb in bed with me...



P.S. Putting systems in place may lead to such side effects as: improved efficiency, consistency, predictability, profits, morale and a dynamic company culture among the staff.

Just sayin'...
Who Should Sign-Up For the Course?
Systemize Your Finances was developed for bar/restaurant owners and managers who want to not only organize their finances, but 
put in place a fail-safe routine that identifies and anticipates cash flow issues, food, bar and labor issues (prime cost) and monthly profit 
and expense issues so that a light can be shined on the areas that previously went undetected, the leaks and can be plugged, cash flow 
can be restored and profits can soar.

As soon as you enroll, you will get immediate access to the Finance Course in its entirety, including:
  •  LIFETIME ACCESS to the course + 24/7 login from anywhere (it's all digital and delivered immediately)
  •  Lifetime updates to the course
  •  All the lessons, all the videos, all the knowledge
  •  Self-paced so you can go as fast or slow as you want
  •  Access to all of the FREE bonuses (see bonuses below)
  •  I literally hold your hand every step of the way, nothing is left to chance (that's why it's called systemize and not guestimize)
And Why Should I Listen to You Dave?
"Dave knows more about the bar business than anyone I've ever met. He came in and trained my bartenders, hired me two new ones, who have been rock stars, and he reduced my costs, all in about a span of 7 days. I'm seriously amazed at what he can do in a bar."
Mike Banducci, Owner/General Manager, Fieldhouse Sports Bar
"Working with Dave and Bar Patrol has been a real eye-opener for our establishments and invaluable to our operation's success. His keen insight into what was occurring behind the bar has had a significant impact to our margins, our pour practices and the way we train and educate our bar staff. We are very fortunate to have brought him on board."
Chris Gravel, Operating Partner, P.F. Chang's China Bistro
“Dave is simply awesome! When he came in, my bartenders were pouring at 40% variance. Unbelievable! And I had no idea. Since then, my variance is down to 5% and my profits have gone through the roof.”
Angela Warren, Owner, The Wise Girl
The Systemize Your Bar/Restaurant Courses not only changed my business, but they changed my life. I've never been more laser-focused or streamlined. I was looking for a course online on better bar management and none of them came close to comparing to what Dave offers in his course. It's so specific as to what needs to be done, it leaves nothing up to chance. I was so thrilled I found it. Great job Dave, and thank you!
Steven Banks, Owner, Rock 'n Roll Sports Bar
Questions Answered
I have way too many balls to juggle. How am I supposed to find time to implement a new system?
"Too many balls to juggle" is exactly why you need to systemize. This falls under the old saying, "One step back, two steps forward", except it's like one step back, five steps forward because how much more smoothly your business will run. You need to accept that it's going to take 30 days to get a new system running, and then your life will change.
I'm a bit of a novice at this stuff. Am I going to understand it all?
This is a great question. The reason I created the Systemize Your Bar/Restaurant courses was because the most common clients I work with are smart and savvy, but they have no idea where to start when it comes to creating a system that works. It's simply too overwhelming when it comes to analyzing metrics. I've created a powerfully effective system that is simple to implement but with crazy-hyper results, with solid systems and metrics, recorded and analyzed on a schedule you create. Fundamentals people. Fundamentals.
What exactly is in the course?
As Dorie would say, "Just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling..." You'll find the lessons down below.
How long will it take me to complete the course?
This depends of course on how excitable you are. If you're like me, who binge-watched the entire 5-season series of Lost in three nights, then you'll go through it quickly. Or you can take your time, but each mini-course within the Systemize Your Bar/Restaurant series takes about 2 hours for you to read and watch the videos and learn each leg.
How long do I have access to the course?
How about as long as there is air in your lungs and you have a heartbeat? Fair enough? Perfect.
Is there a guarantee?
Duh! Anyone who knows me or who has taken any of my courses before knows that I always provide a money-back guarantee because I have full confidence that what I'm giving you is as premium as it gets. See guarantee below.
I have quite a bit of experience. Will this course still help me? 
You may have more to gain from the course than anyone. You already know what you're doing, you just need to systemize to take it to the next level. Putting systems in place isn't just about helping the inexperienced, it's about turning your every day business into an epic, well-oiled machine.
What are the other courses in the Systemize Your Bar/Restaurant Series?
Here is the complete list:

1. Systemize Your Finances
2. Systemize Your Inventory
3. Systemize Your Staff
4. Systemize Your Marketing
5. Profit Maximizers (Find Your Hidden Profits)
6. Job Duties & Checklists (More Powerful Than it Sounds)

You can purchase the ones you want individually, or purchase the entire package and save a bundle.
What's Included in the Course?
Master Your Finances
Here you'll gain a deep understanding and perspective of your finances and the important metrics that need to be tracked, including cost percentage, variance percentage, COGS, labor, break-even point and your controllable and non-controllable expenses. 
The Prime Cost Factor
Prime cost is the most important overall metric to track in your bar on a weekly and monthly basis. I'll show you why it's important, what percentage you should be hitting, how to calculate it and how often you should be calculating it.
Daily Cash Handling System
From the moment you open, to the moment you close, to the moment the money goes to the bank, we cover every step for accounting for your cash so there is no disconnection in between or ambiguity of any kind (3 free forms included)
Managing Your Cash Flow
In this module you will learn to estimate and anticipate the cash moving in and out of your business so you can make adjustments and ensure you always have enough in the bank to cover all of your expenditures (free template included).
Daily Sales & Cash Reconciliation
Recording and tracking your daily sales is not optional, it's a requirement for running your business. In this module I will provide you with the system and template we use to record sales and determine if the money that was rang in and the money that you actually have in-hand match each other (free template included).
Weekly Sales & Prime Cost Report
The Weekly Sales & Prime Cost Report allows you to track both your weekly sales AND your prime cost so you can make adjustments on the fly because tracking prime cost on a monthly basis alone leaves a wide gap that makes it difficult to identify. The Prime Cost report is a powerful tool for analyzing your bar/restaurant (free template included).
Monthly Profit/Loss Statement
In this module I teach you how to comprehensively track your monthly COGS and labor using our powerful yet simple-to-use Profit/Loss Statement template, which includes all 12 months of the year, including current and year-to-date numbers automatically built into the formula. In addition, we've added industry standard numbers next to each metric so you can determine how close or far off you are from hitting your numbers (free template included).
About Your Instructor
Hi, I'm Dave, and I have been the bar and restaurant industry for more than 30 years now, starting out as a busboy in a dirty Chinese restaurant in Redding, CA. 

Since then I have been a barback, server, bartender, bar manager, GM and now bar consultant and owner/CEO of Bar Patrol an inventory management and consultant company.

Since starting Bar Patrol in 2011, I have worked with dive bars, sports bars, fine dining restaurants, lounges, as well as corporate giants like P.F. Chang's, Outback Steakhouse and Il Fornaio, implementing business systems for bars/restaurants looking for a better way to run their business.
And now you can have all those same systems built into one powerful and comprehensive course for 1/10 the price I charge for consulting services.
D. Allred
Is This Course Right For You?
*Not all courses are for everyone, so make sure this one is right for you before moving forward.
  •  Completely novice beginners who want to learn how to run a bar/restaurant.
  •  Anyone opening a bar/restaurant (or recently opened) who wants systems in place from the start.
  • Intermediate level bar/restaurant owners/managers looking to build some truly kick-ass business systems.
  •  Bar/restaurant veterans who have plenty of knowledge and experience but have no real systems in place.
  •  Anyone who does not believe in the power and ideology of systemizing.
  •  Anyone who expects me to do all the work for them (execution on your end is everything).
  •  Bar/restaurant industry know-it-alls who are certain that nobody knows more than they do.
  •  Anyone who is looking for shortcuts in the place of being a real leader (although these systems do provide a myriad of short cuts).
You Don't Even Need to Decide Right Now
Take Advantage of My Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee
I pride myself on the results and the powerfully effective system I have created and I have no 
interest in taking anyone's money who isn't happy with the course...

That's not how I work in my business, and it's not how I work with this course...

So, here is my 30-Day Iron Clad Triple Guarantee...
The Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee
I have the same guarantee for every course I sell or subscription service I provide. 

I call it TheRealBarman Iron Clad 30-Day Triple Guarantee. Goes like this:

If at any time in the next 30 days:

1. You feel that Systemize Your Finances didn't deliver what I promised it would...

2. You don't see significant improvements on your daily, weekly and monthly systems, routines and results...

3. Hell, even if you don't like the way my hair looks in any of the videos, I will gladly give you a full refund.

I pride myself on my courses because they work...

As long as you put in the work and follow the steps, that is.

And if you don't you'll end up right back where you started: discombobulated, disjointed and in disarray, which neither one of us want.

I challenge you to find another bar/restaurant management course that provides the same blueprint and results I do, PLUS a full money back guarantee.
D. Allred
The Bonuses - Because You Deserve It

9 Knowledge-Packed Systemized Lessons

                       As you know, I don't leave anything up to chance. I'm going to tell you how to run your bar                           on a daily, weekly and monthly basis because it's a formula that works. If you choose to                               mess with the fool-proof blueprint, do so at your own risk. The proof is in the systemizing.

             One-on-One 30-Day Support From Dave

                       I don't give my time away easily. I have a full consulting and inventory management                                    company to run, as well as a bar, as well as multiple online courses with multiple                                          students running at one time. The cost to hire me is a lot more than just a tank of gas, but                            my course members have a special spot in my heart because if they succeed, I succeed,                            and that's just good warm fuzzies all the way around.

             Bonus: 7 Fully Editable Forms and 
             Templates ($100 value)

                        7 templates and forms for daily, weekly and monthly finance tracking, and of course                                      videos on how to implement this full system into your routine.

                       -Daily Sales & Cash Reconciliation Report
                       -Weekly Sales & Prime Cost Report
                       -Monthly Profit/Loss Report
                       -Weekly Cash Flow Report
                       -Back Bank Log Sheet
                       -Cash Reconciliation Sheet
                       -Request For Change Form.

                     These templates are sold separately and are worth $100 as a package, but you get them all                       for FREE. Because I love you. In a non-creepy way.
That's it. It's up to you now.

I can only do so much convincing and then it's on you to take control of your business and your future (that whole, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink" thing).

But don't you fret, I'm not leaving you. 

The course is going to guide you step-by-step and tell you exactly what to do to start systemizing..

Nothing left to chance or "guestimations".

Just an exact blueprint of how you should implement a daily, weekly and monthly routine that will track your finances and pinpoint critical areas of your business.

And along the way you will be supported by me and my team.

Hope to see you on the other side,
“All you need to do is begin living your life as if it were important. All you need to do is take your life seriously. To create it intentionally. To actively make your life into the life you wish it to be.”

-Michael Gerber, The E-Myth Revisited
2018 Dave Allred, TheRealBarman
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