Get the Bluetooth Scale for FREE
(Normally $119 - Plus FREE Shipping)
No Tricks. No BS. Just One Big Fat Bribe
Here it is: If you sign-up for an Annual Bar Patrol App subscription before the clock runs out, we will GIVE you the Bluetooth Scale for FREE. Plus, Free Shipping (inside the U.S.)

Why am I doing this? Because we know once you start using Bar Patrol App it's going to change the way you take inventory in huge way. 

And we know that sometimes you just need a little push (and something really cool for free).
"Hi, I'm Dave, Founder & CEO of Bar Patrol, and I like ethically bribing people.
How to Get Your Free Scale
  • Click here to sign up for an annual subscription before the clock runs out below.
  • Then send us an email at with the subject line: BP2020 Free Scale
  • Include the email address you used to sign up with Bar Patrol
  • Give us the address you would like us to send your new scale to*
That's it. No hidden agenda. It's that easy.
**NOTE: For orders outside the U.S. there will be a delivery fee based on your location. Please email us first with the address so we can provide a quote.
P.S. Don't forget, once the clock runs out, this offer will no longer be available.

P.S.S. Reminder: the free scale is only eligible for the annual subscription (not monthly).
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