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What is the Bar Auditor's Handbook Exactly?
The "Handbook" is unlike anything you've ever seen.
It is NOT a business most anyone has ever heard of before
     —yet it has been around for 30+ years and is one of the highest paid jobs          you can hold in the bar/restaurant industry

It is NOT a typical 9:00 - 5:00 office job
     —yet you can be done by noon each day, have weekends off and work                the same schedule as your significant other and/or friends

The Handbook is all about a  New Career and New Life
     —using experience and knowledge you already possess

You now have access to the blueprint and lessons I teach that help bar/restaurant industry people become a specialist in their field, work in a career they love, earning $100 - $150/hour while helping bar owners and managers succeed on a MASSIVE level.
Who Is The Handbook For?
  • Anyone who is in the bar/restaurant industry who wants to use their knowledge & experience to create a better life making better money
  • Anyone who wants to make some extra cash and build a side-gig part-time
  • Anyone who has ever wanted to own their own business and be their own boss
  • Anyone who has the discipline to make their own hours and has the dedication and perseverance to succeed no matter what
  • Anyone who loves working with people and wants to provide world class service to their clients
  • Anyone who is not in the industry but wants to make a change in their life (yep, you too can do it)
"This book literally changed the course my life! I went from struggling bar 
manager to owning a full-blown bar auditing business. I couldn't be more 
grateful that I crossed paths with Dave and his business plan."
"Little" John Miller
Master Bar Auditor, Austin, Texas
What The Bar Auditor's 
Handbook Will Teach You:
  •  The 8-Step business plan for starting and growing a 6-figure bar auditing business
  •  How to start working for your own dreams instead of working for someone else's
  •  How to land and retain clients
  •  How to start part-time or full-time
  •  How to make this a career, where bar owners pay you a lot of money for your expertise
Get Your Copy Of The Bar Auditor's Handbook The Underground Playbook For Earning $150/Hour As A Bar Inventory Auditor
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